Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Two hours into Lake Victoria with horizontal rain, wind and dark skies (on a tiny boat), we finally crossed the equator and reached Ngamba Island.

Absolutely amazing place. The chimps here are all confiscated from the mainland and have been trafficked or kept as pets. They are all orphans and live in a small forest on the island.  Staff are well trained and they have access to amazing veterinary facilities on the island.  Just watch out you don't get hit by a rock from a mischievous chimp!

Failed Visit to the Waterfalls

We were all set for a day out at the waterfalls (despite torrential rain) but unfrtunately he bus had other ideas.  The bus (after deciding to go offroad) ended up stuck in a muddy marsh where the bridge had collapsed.  Cue more local villagers to the rescue!

Unimpressed girls abandoned the bus- much to the amusement of the shocked local children whoi wer were later informed had never seen musunga's (white faces) before.

Despite being bombared with village children we made the most of the sunshine! then a photoshoot seemed like a good idea to pass the time......

strike a pose!

Unfortunately, despite the white bus being freed it got lost and we spent an eye opening few hours in the pitch black in an outback Ugandan town waiting to be rescued!  A bull/sheep/cow/chicken/goat/African child/mosquito dodging experience none of us will forget in a hurry !


UK and Ugandan students celebrated the end of the JIYN 2012 international conference with a campfire. Groups performed songs, dances and mimes to entertain one another. By far the winning entry was the highly popular CBA staff rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody complete with torches, fake moustaches and some serious moshing

We ate traditional goat meat roasted on the open fire (another step closer to vegetarianism for Mrs Isaksen)


The CBA chickens live in luxury compared to this lot. The Ugandan people rely heavily on eggs for omlettes and meat.  I can safely say I am almost vegetarian again.


Poor Mrs Featherstone had a head-on collision with a giant flying cockroach. Luckiily se saw the funy side as the students screamed with fright!

Discovery Centre, Jinja

Gorgeous grounds overlooking Lake Victoria

The girl's bedroom (check out the blue mosquito nets) was VERY cosy and the bathroom facilities made us all appreciate the luxury we have at home.  The girls developed thighs of steel using their toilet whilst Mrs Isaksen shared the ice cold shower with a few hundred ants.

Typical Ugandan food.  Lots of rice, plantain bananas and  nut sauce (the conspicuous brown stuff)